Chiropractic Testimonials

"Thank you Dr. Casazza, Dr. Bean and the whole team. Good health and an active lifestyle have always been very important to our family. We had seen a chiropractor for years but when he quit his practice we were at a loss. A chance meeting trough Groupon led to a great healthy relationship. We feel like we’re back to our old selves again. Dr. Casazza has even helped our daughter with an ankle injury she suffered."

- The Stockles (Steve, Mary, and Amanda)

Chiropractic Sacramento CA The Stockles Testimonial

"Having been introduced to chiropractic over 30 years ago, I could tell you multiple success stories of receiving back and neck pain relief. Most recently however I am elated beyond words from the immediate and sustained relief from Dr. Casazza's treatments! He's one of the best I have ever been too!! After over a year of daily unexplained upper left abdominal pain that included pulling, burning, and pinching and having sought and had every medical test imaginable, my M.D's last resort was to send me to the pain clinic and a psychologist for help. I had no idea my abdominal pain would be relieved from spinal adjustment. From now on I will seek chiropractic first! Thank you Dr. Casazza and God bless you!"

- Valerie Moore

"Effective, Compassionate, Curative and Generous are the words that describe my family's experience with the Casazza team of healers. When my 87 year old mother suffered a debilitating head fracture and herniated disk from a fall, conventional medicine offered no relief and the many prescription drugs only seemed to make matters worse. I was relieved when Dr. Casazza reviewed her MRI and enthusiastically agreed to treat her. The first visit to Dr. Casazza's office seemed hopeless. She was in such excruciating pain that despite the heavy pain medication, she could not be moved without being lifted on to the massage and adjustment table moaning and groaning in the process. However her pain level decreased while Kara performed her seemingly magic massage and that was the first time her suffering had become manageable since the ordeal began. By her second adjusment she began to extend her weak legs which had become useless since her fall. She began looking forward to seeing the Casazza team because every visit revealed a visible improvement in both pain relief and mobility. Four months later she is walking again with the help of her walker. I am certain that this outstanding outcome is a direct result of the Chiropractic and Massage treatments offered by Dr. Casazza and Kara. Also, let me meantion my own back spasms from lifting mamas' dead weight during the initial complete incapacitation were treated and eliminated which allowed me to care for her without my own pain interference. I am truly and forever grateful to Dr. Casazza and Kara for helping me and helping my mother when I was desperate to relieve her suffering. You are Heroes!"

- Armando Vasquez

"My name is Ben, for 3 or 4 years I have suffered from back pain. After MRI's and x-rays my doctor told me they could not do anymore for my back pain. They told me to try chiropractic treatment. I started Casazza group, after about the third week of treatment I have felt 90% better. I would recommend this office for anybody with back pain."

- Ben Trujillo

"I started seeing Dr.Casazza in December of 2007 because of extreme pain in my lower back and down my leg. I had been to the family doctor several times who prescribed me stronger and stronger pain medication, but nothing helped. After two adjustments, Dr.Casazza wrote a letter to my doctor recommending an MRI because he felt I needed one to get to the bottom of the problem. My doctor agreed and an MRI was ordered.

During the interim, Dr.Casazza continued to monitor me and helped with my pain. When the MRI he recommended was completed, I was scheduled to visit a neurosurgeon and an oncologist the very next day. They admitted me to the hospital that very evening and a large tumor (an ependymoma) was removed from my spinal column.

Both the neurosurgeon and the oncologist credit Dr.Casazza with helping to find the source of my problem. I really don't know where I'd be right now without him, except on a lot of prescriptions pain medication, none of which I need anymore. Dr.Casazza continues to treat me now that surgery has been done and I'm getting better and stronger all the time. He thinks "outside of the box" which I feel is hard to come by and I can't thank him enough for all he has done.

(P.S Dr.Casazza has even made a convert out of my husband who was skeptical of chiropractic to begin with. My husband has said, "He is the only person we've seen who actually did something about your problem.")"

- Jennifer Whiehl

"I have been coming for a few weeks now and I am already feeling better. When I leave here I feel great! Thanks for your great care!

P.S. The Staff in this office is always very friendly and helpful. I really like coming here.

P.S.S. Julie (The esthetician) is really good as well. She referred me to you guys!"

- Carrie Rosell

"Leslie and Amy provide friendly serice everytime I call. Very polite and always willing to assist patients in accordating their schedules with appointments and they know their patients by name and greet you with a smile everytime a patient walks in the door. Leslie and Amy provide excellent Customer Service and take care of their patients."

- Elizabeth Alvarez

"It almost seems like a dream that four weeks ago I was hopping from one foot to the other, trying to avoid the pain shooting down my right leg. That I've been out of pain for two weeks and have completely resumed my normal activities.

The Neurosurgeon (who I finally got to see two weeks after I was out of pain) has recommended an MRI and is tossing around the terms "herniated disk" and "ruptured disk." Whatever it is (was), it was excruciatingly painful, such that I walked out of the middle of work one day and straight into my doctor's office. He prescribed a painkiller and an anti-inflammatory, both of which I was able to stop taking after my first visit with you.

Most of all, I appreciate your professionalism and your upbeat attitude. You never gave me just terminology. You always explained what was happening with me, and what the possible outcomes might be. You helped me maintain a positive outlook toward my own healing.

"I appreciate the way you explained my x-rays in detail, pointing out what was happening in my back. I appreciate the way you took the time to answer all my questions, even after the first consultation, I appreciate the way you are weaning me from chiropractic care, now that my back is becoming stabilized.

Dr. Lance, you are a true gift to this community. I am glad I picked up your flyer. Thank you for returning this body to health."

- Linda Eisenman

"Thank you Dr. Casazza. You the Man! I've been to many chiropractors over the years for adjustments and lower back pains and find you to be the most successful in curing my pains. I would highly recommend Casazza chiropractic to anyone who has back pain. He takes great care of you."

- Michael Couch

"Mi nombre es Aristeo Rivera sufri un accidente do automovil y por esto me recomenaron un tratamiento quiropractico ya que me dolia el cuello, cintura. Gracias a dios me mandaron al mejor quiropractico de Sacramento que es Casazza Chiropractic Group. Casazza es amable, confiable, professional y sobre todo sabe hacer muy bien su trabajo ya que en poco tiempo me senti muy bien. Casazza Chiropractic Group es lo mejor despues de un addidente de automovil y al mejor precio. Gracias Dr. Casazza."

- Aristeo Rivera

"I have been coming to see Dr. Casazza for months now because of a car accident. I was in a lot of pain and had headaches, and trouble sleeping. With the use of a cervical pillow and Dr. Casazza's care, I no longer have headaches and I can finally get a good night's rest. I recommend Dr. Casazza if you want great care."

- Allison Jordan

"Before I started to receive care from Dr. Casazza I thought it was normal to feel pain in my neck and lower back. Now I feel like I did 15 years ago. Thanks, Dr. Casazza. Chiropractic really works!"

- Ron Fleming

"I have had the privilege to work with Dr. Lance on and off the field. When a neck injury was affecting my play during competition, chiropractic care the the only thing that helped return me to peak condition. I would highly recommend Casazza Chiropractic."

- Jason Hairston

"I thought chiropractic care was just for back problems. However, when I sprained my ankle so badly that I could barely walk, Dr. Casazza identified the problem and his rehab protocol made for a speedy recovery. I'm glad I asked."

- Gino Palomino

"In a job that can be emotionally and physically demanding, I have turned to chiropractic care for overall health. After an adjustment, I notice my whole body feels better. Now our entire family sees Dr. Lance. He is not only our doctor, but a family friend."

- George Singewald

"I have suffered from severe back and neck pain since 1978. In the early 1980s, while living in Southern California, I was introduced to chiropractic and experienced tremendous relief at that time. I moved back to Sacramento in 1985 and searched for a chiropractor that could achieve results similar to the first one I had seen.

The pain was so bad I was taking Advil and Tylenol like there was no tomorrow. I would watch the clock, just waiting for enough time to pass so I could take another dose of pain reliever. My medical doctor started testing my liver function because she was concerned about the quantity of analgesics I was taking. The pain in my neck tortured me all day at work, and the severe pain in my lower back would awaken me at night, so I couldn't escape it even in my sleep. I suffered from terrible headaches on a daily basis.

I tried 9 different chiropractors and two physical therapists in 18 years. I gave up on some of them, and some of them actually gave up on me. Then one day I received a flyer advertising Dr. Casazza's office at 29th and J Streets. It was close to my work, and I was desperate for relief from the constant, excruciating pain. After only two months of treatment I began experiencing amazing results. For the first time in 20 years I started having days when I didn't have to take any analgesics whatsoever, and I could finally sleep through the night without being awakened by the pain.

I am so grateful to Dr. Casazza, and I feel so lucky to have seen his ad in my mail that day. Besides being an excellent chiropractor, he's also a really nice person. His receptionist, Julie, is really great, too. The office has a very friendly, family-like atmosphere and it's a pleasure to walk in the door."

- Susan C. Wilson

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